fate brought us together.

We went from being strangers to inseparable companions.

Here is how it all began.


Class 10th an important class for all stuents as it was to us. But it also marked a touch of special voyage in our lives.

We were together yet apart as we had no signs of what we say is a healthy communication.it ended. We moved on. But fate had something else in store for us. Internet brought us together.

We got into a relationship started discovering each other, then due to the issues of teenage, attitude and self possessed obligations came to an close and we decided to take a break.


We did talk but it was barely minimum, moved on in respective lives and started finding peace with others out there.

None of us were happy and satisfied thus we again ended up making it a whole new mess with new people. We packed our bags, waved farewell to lucknow.

He went to delhi and i to kanpur. They started a new phase of life but she stumbled across the phonebook made a move and dropped a message.

The spark between them got its blaze. An LDR blossomed and frizzled.


He became my want. Chatting to him my addiction.
My life changed for better, days into weeks, weeks became months and this continued for one year.

Fast forward to august 2013, we finally met.
Those two hours brought us closer and we were completely smitten.

Rules we created we hated.

We planned a secret trip.


Jan 2014 we met again. Met his mom, an important chapter of our life.

After months of anticipation, the day finally came for us and we wanted it to be special.

Those two days left uncountable memories for us.

We relived that span almost everyday till our next meeting.


We started longing for each other and enjoyed the bitter and sweet pleasure of missing someone.
Texts and calls became our way of expressing our love.

He planned a three day visit to my place.

I did every bit of effort needed to make it special and memorable. We had a gala time.

His going back was the toughest thing for me but we had no choice.
Many wonderful sessions began after these.


These meets brought just closer and we would plan our meetings before hand.
We got down to planning, taking risk for being together.

The only bad thing about our meets was that they were short.

Time we spend together went like blink of eye but we are separate it is like eternity for us.


My second year exams came to an end. I being witty in planning trips, found my java training a new way to be around him in his city.
I registered myself at HP Noida for one month long training program.

For the first time, the short trips were changed to a better long one.

In those 30 days we were head over heels.
Waking up early, taking the first metro, attending classes at HP Noida reaching his place, spending hours with him was my routine.

In that span, he grabbed articleship at a good firm and my commerce boy was set to get busy.
This trip was going to end and with the end coming nearer my heart was aching even more.

One thing in particular about us bidding bye to each other was and me clinging to him and crying my heart out.

Came back home.


Irony was that i was unhappy to be home.
We got busy with our respective lives, she gossiped about the CA dude with her peers.

We longed for each other and irony was taxi cabs and busy streets they never brought us together.
We discovered new ways of saying I LOVE YOU but we never were satisfied by even expressing it many a times.

Sir is great at surprises and the purple flowers at my doorstep swayed me.
In all this we completed 2.5 years of our beautiful relationship.
Again this college fest we were together in his void and had our share of beautiful moments together.

LDR is no bed of roses but with a best suited partner like you, I discovered it as bitter sweet pleasure of missing someone.

A beautiful life we have built together where happiness awaits us in days to come.


His mother knows about us so at times when things are low she is the best one to pour my heart out to and I love her for everything and she adds a spark to this relationship in her own way.

My sister Prachi, Anshita, Agrima are other important people who are all ears to me and shape our beautiful journey at times of hardship.

Last but not the least paras bhai "mentor" to him and brother from another mother to me, you are bewitchingly awesome and we love you, and your presence counts for us !!!